The need of hour

The twenty first century is an era of science and technology advancement. Mankind has achieved tremendous progress of technology and continues to do so. There is a constant attempt to capture knowledge on micro as well as global scale. The effort is to understand the basic principles and effectively use their manifestations towards enrichment of material life. The continuous effort towards materialistic enhancement has resulted in depletion of natural resources. The thirst of human intelligence is unbounded and will not rest till man uses science effectively to control the universe to his will and advantage. But this thirst has resulted in tremendous growth of science and technology making it humanly uncontrollable and a primary source of sorrow and destruction rather than happiness.

Humans, probably the pinnacle of the creator’s excellence, are the most complete specie with unlimited intelligence, imagination, feelings, and will to achieve things. All of these have been adequately supported by a complete and advantageous physical structure. The creator expects humans to rule this world through appropriate understanding of nature, the basic elements, animals and other living beings, and vegetation. The creator expects human beings, by the virtue of their superior abilities, to form a crucial link that would establish harmony, love, and communication between species of the universe and guide everyone else towards collective happiness and progress. The current condition is quite to the contrary where humans are proving to be the prime cause for destruction of the universe including other species and vegetation along with self-destruction.

The humans havs co-existence with other species, vegetation, and basic elements of nature. Any attempt to selfish or self-centered living eventually leads to destruction of the self as well as others.

It is important to understand that it is not possible to achieve happiness when surrounded by sorrow, not possible to achieve peace when surrounded by unrest, and definitely not possible to get satisfaction with good food for long if hunger surrounds. The hunger that surrounds would eventually bite into our minds and lives. Prosperity at a place full of poverty will lead to destruction. It is not possible to be safe in a situation where everyone around is unsafe. Healthy life is unachievable if the surrounding is filthy and unhealthy. This leads to a basic principle that any act or attempt that grossly differs or contradicts the surroundings is source of destruction. Anyone or anything that obstructs with the direct or indirect manifestations of the environment and nature will cease to exist or pave the way to self-annihilation. Destruction is guaranteed and unavoidable if humans continue to challenge the fundamental rights of animals or living beings around them.

This is probably the time when we humans need to understand the necessity and importance of our co-existence along with others in the universe. Our life is an integral part of the continuous process of living that goes back to the creation of this universe and would continue till the end. The processes of replacement of old body cells and tissues by new, stale blood by fresh, and respiration is continuous which suggests that the process of life and death is also continuous. Life and death are defined phases of body having no significance towards our living. Our life is closely connected with living of this universe. The universe and every existence in the universe is strongly connected with our existence leading to the concept of co-existence that is ever important and fundamental to our life.

Understanding of the creator and his creation is as essential as the act of living. This necessitates strong ties and smooth communication with various elements and manifestations in this universe. Achievement, realization, and understanding of “Gurutatwayoga” are essential to achieve this enlightenment.


What is Gurutatwayoga?

“Gurutatwa” is the most fundamental principle in creation and working of this universe. For the universe to be a pleasurable place it is essential that that the universe and its beings follow the principles of Gurutatwa. Any deviation from this will cause the universe to be a miserable place and its eventual untimely destruction. It is therefore essential to achieve a synergy between the conception of Gurutatwa and our behavior for avoidance of being a cause for this destruction. We need to be ever ready, sensitive, and keen to get this guidance from Gurutatwa.

The art and method, which guides towards achieving this, is “Gurutatwayoga”. The fundamental source to understand Gurutatwa is the universe it created and the method is striving to achieve complete orientation to Gurutatwa through the state of “Samadhi”. The act of striving for “Samadhi” is called as “Sadhana” and the knowledge achieved while doing so is called “Dharana”.

The greatness of Gurutatwayoga is in its inclusion of all other yogas. True knowledge is one acquired through interaction and coordination with Gurutatwa (also called as “Dynanyoga”); true achievement is application of that knowledge for betterment of the universe (also called as “Karmayoga”); the state of natural and strong belief towards Gurutatwa while doing this is called as “Bhaktiyoga”. Alignment to or achievement/attainment of Gurutatwayoga is the ultimate aim and conclusion of all the existent yogas and the new ones that may emerge through the existent ones.

Gurutatwayoga is not confined to a specific race, caste, religion, creed, society, nation, or specie making it the universal guiding principle to the entire animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and other systems in the universe. Gurutatwayoga is an essential natural instinct of all the animals and their birthright. The loss of natural instinct is due to immense amount of artificial training and coaching. The effect of these external influences can be destroyed to attain Gurutatwayoga. This does not have to follow the defined path of one of the so-called “isms” or rituals of worship. It is known and naturally believed by the living beings since their birth. Gurutatwa is definitely the most fundamental factor in keeping this universe as an integrated system in its natural existence.


Why Gurutatwayoga is important to us?

Attainment of Gurutatwayoga would lead to long and healthy life, happiness, wealth, and prosperity for us and healthy, strong, and pure body and sole. The principle of Gurutatwa will guide and enlighten us. Leading life as per the guidance of these principles will help us achieve ultimate peace of mind and happiness leading to an enriched life with the fulfillment of physical and spiritual wishes and desires. Gurutatwa uses mediums such as insects, animals, plants, and other lining beings emerging through direct and indirect manifestations of nature to provide guidance. Guru (teacher) in human for is not a requirement, as Gurutatwa does not necessarily choose the direct or explicit guidance mechanism. It is important to realize that every animal, insect, plant, living and non-living objects in nature, have a lot to teach us, so is every vision, sound, smell, touch, taste, and so is every word, incidence, experience, thought, feeling, and idea. It is essential to attain a close relationship and smooth communication with Gurutatwa contained in it to learn it by using the art and method of Gurutatwayoga.

Humans have lost the natural synergy to Gurutatwa due to inappropriate beliefs, practices, and principles resulting in life full or misery, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and confusion. It is necessary that all of us bring happiness to our and others life by attainment of Gurutatwayoga. This is the purpose and wealth of our “Institute for study and research of Gurutatwayoga”.