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  Mr. Abhaykumar Sardar

Mr. Abhaykumar Gangadhar Sardar was born on February 22, 1940, according to the Indian Lunar calendar it is the full moon day of the month of Magh, in the city of Pune, India. His schooling and his architectural education took place in Pune.

He has always been introvert. Getting lost in deep thoughts to explore unknown has been his nature. So, while trying to get the bearing of the unknown, he realized that there is a guiding principle in the nature itself, that tries to maintain the equilibrium in the nature and the mutual loving relationship among all species, so that the universal drama will proceed in accordance with its’ (principle’s) original conception.

He doesn’t have a manifested human Guru. During the period of his spiritual pursuit (sadhana) he, ceaselessly, received constant guidance from some intangible Guru and lead him through his sadhana. He was and is still being guided by this source by various ways and means. He ceaselessly experiences a flow of divine energy and bliss. Particularly on the full moon day in ‘Magha’ he experiences immense flow of energy in the presence of his Guru. So, to him, this day is as important as the full moon day from the month of ‘Aashadh’ (‘Gurupaurnima’). So, he calls it, ‘Gurutattwa Paurnima’. Gurutatwa, his un-manifested Guru has assured him, “You will see me wherever you look for me; I will guide you through any source that you expect, and you have to just penetrate through superficialities.” Since then he seeks and perceives his Guru in all gross and subtle forms. Now he has but one obsession; to see that guiding principle in every body that he comes across right through one’s outer nature. This is how he has evolved this natural, spontaneous way of life of getting aligned with the guiding principle (Gurutatwayoga). .His life is a treasure of spiritual, yogic, religious and practical wisdom. He, also, is a living collection of experiences of visions of numerous saints, yogis and gods-goddesses. He has offered all this treasure and collection wide open for the seekers of Gurutatwayoga to reap the benefits. This mission has received active blessings from numerous saints, yogis and god-goddesses.

He has studied the Gurutatwayoga lifestyle as his sole obsession. While investigating this lifestyle, he has, respectfully, taken into account all religions, their denominations, sects, their traditions, social values, spiritual norms and, yet, has recognized their usefulness and their limitations without any prejudice and with great permeability, sensitivity and awareness. He is a diligent student of spirituality and has approached it with a total logical view and through his own experiences. He insists that everyone should study the philosophy behind Gurutatwayoga as a science and as an art. He doesn’t believe in superstitions and miracles. In his opinion every person has full scope for human efforts and evolution of human powers.

Also he rejects the idea of traditional rigidity in a teacher-disciple relationship, simply because, according to him, nobody can be a teacher or disciple permanently. These roles undergo change as per circumstances. According to him Gurutatwa, the guiding principle, is the only fundamental guide that is constantly guiding everyone from all directions through five basic elements, all forms of life including creatures, flora and fauna. So to perceive this guidance is more important than the medium through which you get it. He firmly believes that every individual is fully entitled to receive this guidance and has basic instinct to do so. It is possible for everybody to get tuned to this guiding principle, receive the guidance and make one’s life in accordance with Gurutatwa. Everybody has this, built in, Gurutatwa. And that is why he does not claim to have any a single disciple.

Nevertheless, people who have benefited through his guidance look upon him as their Guru, so out of affection and reverence all of us address him as Maharaj

He has wound up his flourishing business and dedicated himself to propagate Gurutatwayoga. He has himself followed this way of life since 1960.Ever since then he had been sharing it with who ever came in contact with him effortlessly, guiding and changing one’s outlook of life right from the core, turning one’s present towards life and let one experience its’ joy and tranquility, experience Gurutatwa. This is his commitment for life.