About Us

Gurutatwayoga Public Charitable Trust

Gurutatwayoga public charitable trust was founded on an auspicious day of Maghi Pournima, 11th February 1998 under divine guidance of Shri. Abhaykumar Gangadhar Sardar along with his dedicated team of disciples.

More than 2100 individuals are attached to the trust through its annual membership and have been getting benefited by the activities of Gurutatwayoga public charitable trust.


Aims and Objectives of Gurutatwayoga Public charitable Trust

  • To create environment and facilities for education, research, development of GURUTATWAYOGA
  • To develop physical and mental health, by way of hygiene, diet, massage, acupressure, acupuncture and other therapies, medicines, yogasanas, physical & mental exercise, recreation, rest, pranayam, shakti sankraman, shakti anusandhan, shakti dharana, shakti chalana, sakshibhav samadhi, Gurutatwayoga.
  • To eradicate andhashraddha (disbeliefs) regarding Dharma, God, Guru, Yoga and to create environment and facilities to experience their universality beyond sex, language, religion, cast, creed and nationality and to do advancement and propagation of secularity.
  • To develop the consciousness of relationship between human being and nature and other living beings and creatures and to bring about harmony between human and nature.
  • To do social work and other programs in augmentation of the aims and to conduct seminars, lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions, etc. within the scope of GURUTATWAYOGA in furtherance of the aims and objects of the said Trust.
  • To publish Literature in form of books, magazines etc. as may be decided from time to time by the board of trustees.
  • To produce Documentary Films and Video Tapes on the Gurutatwa, Sadhana and Yoga and to exhibit them through circulation, TV, or in Social Functions and at other places.
  • To form nucleus or platform of Universal brotherhood without distinction of race, cast, creed, sex or color.

Gurutatwayoga Public Charitable Trust Membership

Trust Membership is open for everybody.
For Membership details Contact Trust office

Gurutatwayoga Trust Founder members

  • Mr. Abhaykumar Gangadhar Sardar
  • Mr. Shrikrishna Prabhakar Chitale
  • Late Mrs. Aruna Abhaykumar Sardar
  • Smt. Hemalata Anand Mande
  • Mrs. Teja Sandeep Diwan